To Have A Rice Day

Reach for rice! Natural, nutritious and versatile, rice is the whole grain that will work with you for every meal you plan. From simple and delicious side dishes to sushi, sweet puddings, or savoury starters, the possibilities are endless.

High in vitamins, rich in fibre, and naturally gluten and cholesterol free, rice is an important part of any well-balanced diet. Light and fluffy white rices make a great base for rich sauces and seasonings. Brown rices are a nutrient packed source of protein. Explore our wide variety of premium rice varieties and discover how one simple grain can open the door to a world of exciting tastes!

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How it'is made

Kokuho Rose recently featured on the Discovery Channel and was broadcasted to 64 countries in 14 languages across the globe!
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Kokuho Rose Medium Grain Rice

Premium grade white sushi rice, grown exclusively on Koda Farms.
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