Organically Certified Wild Rice 

Our wild rice is 100% organically certified Canadian wild rice. There is no paddy rice added as fill or to cut back on quality or cost. Our rice is some of the best in the world, it has a deep dark color with a rich nutty flavor. The grains are dark, long and think, giving the rice a wonderful presentation when served. This rice is grown in the pristine lakes of Northern Manitoba! 

Try The Finest Varieties Of Wild Rice:

Organic Wild Rice (454g)

Organic Wild Rice (454g)

As you may know, wild rice is not actually a type of rice at all, but is instead a cereal grain. It is a tall, aquatic plant of the grass family, a genus that is completely separate from that of rice. This annual grass grows in shallow water (up to 4 feet) in slow streams and rivers and even along the shores of certain lakes. It is the seeds of this plant that we call wild rice. Continue Reading

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