Golden Pacific Thai White Glutinous (2kg)

Golden Pacific Thai White Glutinous (2kg)
  • Grown in Thailand
  • GlutenFree
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You can make delicious Thai sticky rice with tools you already have in the kitchen! Sweet rice makes great sushi and is used in dim sum dishes and various Asian desserts. When cooked, sweet rice loses its shape and becomes very sticky and glutinous.

Unlike many other kinds of rice, sweet rice is not boiled. Instead it is best prepared using a steamer. Its stickiness makes it a fun choice, sure to be enjoyed by the whole family!

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You will need:
White or brown sweet rice
A bowl to soak it in overnight
A steamer or bamboo steamer basket
It helps to have a clean (new) handkerchief, cheesecloth, gauze sheet, or non-fluffy tea towel to cook it on and handle it with — but it’s not really necessary.

Traditional Method Using a Steamer

Put the dry rice in a bowl. Cover it with cold water, enough to leave an inch or two of water covering the top of the rice. Leave it for 12 hours or overnight. You can keep it in the fridge while soaking if you wish. After it has soaked, drain off the water. Lay your cheesecloth or clean cloth/gauze in the steamer and put the soaked rice on top. With the lid on, steam on medium to high heat for 15–20 minutes. Taste. The rice should be clinging together, chewy, and toothsome without any hard bits. If steamed for too long it will get soft and gluey — so just steam until it is cooked through. It will be translucent when done.

Steaming In a Cheesecloth or Tea Towel

You can also use a traditional “v-shaped” woven flax or bamboo steaming basket on the top of the pot. Anything that lets the steam penetrate properly. Just a steamer is fine, but until it is cooked, the rice can fall through. If you use a cloth, make sure there are plenty of holes or a light weave to let the steam through.


If you steam it enclosed over very rapidly boiling water, it will cook faster than if you have a basket on top of a simmering pot. (Pressure and volume of steam makes a difference, as do volume and shape of sticky rice.) Try and make sure it is fairly evenly spread over the steamer.

You can cook a batch in the morning and leave it (covered) all day. Just reheat in the steamer for a minute or two, or covered in a microwave (briefly).